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Great Snarry Fanfiction featuring a possessive Snape
As I have mentioned before, I love reading Snarry--especially when Snape is possessive! *big grin*
Just the first five stories feature a possessive Severus Snape.

I absolutely love it when Snape is possessive! *big grin* If you feel the same way, then you're going to love this story. There are two sequels to this great Snarry fanfic.
To Have and To Hold by MontanaDan
*Complete* Visions from the Dark Lord are incapacitating Harry. Snape decides to help, regardless of whether Harry wants his help. Features a possessive Snape and a sarcastic cynical Harry. Harry/Severus slash.
To Have Not by MontanaDan
COMPLETE! Sequel to To Have and To Hold. Lucius takes advantage of Harry's vulnerable emotional state, offering him a marriage of convenience to protect Harry from the media and to regain Lucius' family status. Outraged, Severus tries to win Harry back
To Have and To Keep by MontanaDan
Sequel to To Have Not. Free from Lucius and Severus, Harry gets on with his life. Many people want Harry but between his curse and his admirerers, can he find fulfillment and love? And what are Severus' chances of regaining what he lost?

Another Snape is possessive story. It's not complete, but I've noticed that the author has been good with updating.
Evernight by LilRinnieB
It's Harry's seventh year and there's a new strategy in the war against Voldemort: "Fight darkness with darkness." Anal,AU/AR,HJ,Language,Lemon,MPreg,OC,Oral,Yaoi

This is a really great fanfic; I definitely enjoyed reading it. Severus is indeed possessive in this story.
Mistletoe by Forever then some
SSHP slash Severus’ tenacious aunt comes to town determined to meet his fiancé. The problem? Snape doesn’t have a fiancé and the only one around to play the part is Harry Potter.

This is a funny romantic Snarry fanfic that I enjoyed reading. There are two sequels to this story.
A little bit Catty by Alexander Hunter
Rewritten lovelings. After a botched spell Harry finds himself with a tail and a set of cat ears. What happens when he finds himself bonded with none other than Severus Snape? HPSS, Slashy yumyums, possible mpreg, it depends on my mood.
Catnip by Alexander Hunter
Sequel to 'A little bit Catty'. With the wedding and the birth of his child comming ever closer, Severus doesn't need anymore stress, but what happends when someone shows up? Slash, mpreg, dry humor, HPSS, need I say more?
Catscratch by Alexander Hunter
Sequel to Catnip. Asphodel and Aries are finally old enough to go to Hogwarts. As the years go by, they're brotherly love begins to go deeper. Twincest, slash, HPSS, DracoFredGeorge, LuciusOC, Ron?.

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Thank you for the recs! As you can see, I have a lj too and it was easier to reply this way than through the private message thingy on ff.net. ;-) Feel free to friend me. I always update my lj first.


No problem! *big grin*
I'm glad you replied here. You're the first person to comment my livejournal, so thank you! ^^ haha xD
Awesome! I'm going to go add you right now! *big grin*

x darkvineyard

i love the links, i have one for ya, dont know if u have read it yet funnier then hell tho, its a draco harry, but totaly awsome http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4232327/1/Things_I_Am_Not_Allowed_To_Do_At_Hogwarts

its kinda after a list that was sawrming the internet, if u havnt read it i will send it to ya, funny stuff

Hey, sorry I haven't replied right away, I've been super busy. I'd love to see what you can send me. If you know of any good fanfiction sites, or anything you can recommend, that'd be cool. But I'm not a big fan of Harry/Draco, sorry. *sheepish*

Re: snarry

i have been saving snarry links like theres no tomarrow, im not that big of a harry/draco fan eather, but a freind of mine sent it to me, and i thought it was just super funny, lol i know about being busy, working 3 jobs does that LOL, just lemme know what ships your into, and ill see what i have to send along

i have been saving snarry links like theres no tomarrow, im not that big of a harry/draco fan eather, but a freind of mine sent it to me, and i thought it was just super funny, lol i know about being busy, working 3 jobs does that LOL, just lemme know what ships your into, and ill see what i have to send along

Wow, I wish I could save snarry links like no tomorrow, but I don't know where to get them in the first place. lol

Wow, three jobs? Can I ask what you do?
I'm mostly (mainly) into snarry, but I also ready Harry/Voldemort, though I haven't read that in a while. I've been reading a lot of Harry Snape General Relations fics lately. I love those. ^^
The only way I'll read a non Snarry fic is if Snape has some kind of General Relationship with Harry. Like, I'll read Harry/Voldemort, but I'd prefer Snape to be good with Harry. Am I making sense? lol

I like talking to you. I never talk to anyone about Harry Potter fanfiction, because there is no one to talk to about that. ^^;;

well, there not very fabulouse jobs, but they pay the bills. i deliver news papers, and a small ad paper called the action shopper, and then im the shorts driver for our local newspaper, lol like i said not very fabulouse, im reading a snarry right now called ashes of armageddon, its a two part fic, all in the same story, which rocks cus then you dont have to hunt down the second part, but its one of those fics that made me go OMFG,what happens is harry still has a part of voldy left in his brain and it turns to dust and starts to take over, now the events of this take place immidetly after DH, its really good, but really bad at the same time, at first i didnt like it because it was tort,angst, and abuse, but as time wore on, it started to get better, lol, well lemme know if u want the link, ill send it to ya, if ya have yahoo messanger my name on there is himchic19 lol in reality i frist started reading hp fics because i was looking to see if i could find out the name of the next book, (this was right before goblet of fire came out) and i came across this one called Harry Potter and the Green flame torch, and that was on a site called portkey . org, well that was total het, cannon ship. well i wound up meetin a very good freind of mine on a HIM yahoo group and she introduced me into the wonderful world of slash, with a story called Big Dick Come Quick, now i dont know how old u are or if you are in to PWP or smutty fics, lol, but lemme tell ya that forever changed my life, sence then i have been addicted, MASSIVILY lol, gots to go and make food for the starving masses LOL ttyl toodles

Yeah, sure. I'd like the link please. ^^ Who knows, I may like it. (:
What kind of torture, abuse, and angst are we talking about here, anyways?
Is that alright if I add you to my buddy list? I have Y! Messenger as well, but let me know if you have an IM application that allows you to add contacts that aren't only Yahoo. I have Adium, so it lets me have contacts that are AIM, Gmail, MSN, Yahoo, and a lot more. So yeah, let me know, because I don't have any friends who use Yahoo, but if all you have is a Yahoo IM, then that's fine.

My friends from Boston introduced me to FanFiction, and now I think I read it more then they do! I don't know what I would do if it wasn't for them. They told me about FanFiction in my first year of college, which was in 2006. I started out reading SnapeHermione, but I'm long past that ugly phase! hahaha xD

Yeah, I've been reading PWP for at least a year now, and gosh, is it ever freaking addicting! *laughs*

I love chatting about Harry Potter fanfics, so I'm glad I found you! *grin* haha, ttyl. ^^

i dont know if my yahoo does that or not, i have yahoo for vista, but im thining of deleting it and just getting a diffrent one seeing as this one is retarted, gah, vista sucks, lol. http://hp.adultfanfiction.net/story.php?no=600016767

there is the link to that fic i told ya about, well lemme just see if i can get the summary for ya, that should explain it easyer, that is if i can find it

AHA here it is
Summmary: Severus Snape survives Nagini's bite, and wakes up from a 5-year-long coma, only to be condemned to death and handed over to vindictive, cruel and very powerful Harry Potter, intent on making him pay for his sins. Nobody believes Snape's story, except for three unlikely allies, who appear to be unaffected by the effects of darkness that surrounds the wizarding world once again.

Warnings: DarkFic. Very disturbing. Humiliation, N/C, slavery, graphic violence, rape, torture, slash sex, abuse, slave/Master, D/s, bondage, discipline

its a very very good fic, lol but alas i didnt get to finish the last few chappies as a really bad harry/tom bug attacked me, now if you want a kinda sweet harry/tom one i just got done reading abandon and reclaimed very nice, if ya want that one lemme know, and ill let ya know when i get yahoo up and working again, so ya its not a problem to add me to your list

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(Deleted comment)
Hey, no problem. ^^
I am honored to be the savior of your sanity. *grin*

Actually, the last time I was on this account was September 2008.
I haven't used it since then.
Around the same time, give or take a few days, I created a new account: damato019

So if you're interested, bookmark my new LJ, or track my fic: recs tag.
I would like to start posting fic recs again, but it won't be until sometime after December 19, which is the last day of my classes.

Re: You're welcome. [:

Oh crap, I accidentally deleted the other user's comment.

I meant to delete my comment, because I hit enter in the subject box while I was still typing by mistake.

Ugh, gosh darn it.

I hope you see this, because I can't even remember your user name. ]: Sorry. *sheepish*

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